I am Philip Meadows and this is my online portfolio.

As a trained and licensed (State of Illinois, USA) architect, I have mainly focused on 3D visualizations for the architecture, interior design and real estate development industries. In addition, I also create digital representations of products and processes.
The VISUALIZATION section showcases the scale and variety of projects I have worked on recently.
The DESIGN section showcases various graphic design projects including branding and logos, album cover art, book covers and posters.
The PHOTOGRAPHY section showcases a selection of photographs I have taken on my travels and at home.
The MUSIC section houses a selection of music compositions I have created using both hardware synthesizers and samplers, as well as Propellerhead Reason software. Most of the music is also for sale on Bandcamp.
The PROGRAMMING section showcases a selection of Revit families, Maxscripts, Rail Clone definitions and other programming I have created for various projects.
The PROJECTS section showcases a selection of projects I have worked on in the architecture, interior design, real estate development and facilities management industries.
Please select a section to view imagery and listen to music I have created throughout my career as a digital media artist and composer.