A Chance Encounter Book Cover

A Chance Encounter – Book Cover

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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


About the design

I combined imagery from several scenes in the novel to create a dramatic look for the front cover.  All elements were created by image-tracing and further coloring and composition in Adobe illustrator. I added vector art of a calico cat on the back in reference to a cat in the story.

About the book

Gideon Grant is a computer lawyer involved in the explosion of technology in the late 1990s. Dedicated to his clients, he has grown his firm at an astonishing rate but his life is no longer his own, with frequent twenty-four hour days. He decides to sell his firm, build a boat, and sail to the South Seas. Far off the coast of California, a wind shift causes him to encounter a sinking yacht, apparently abandoned. He boards it and pumps it out, and because of what he discovers, he is compelled to return it to its home port of San Francisco. There he becomes embroiled in the society he left behind and must defend himself against suspicion from authorities. He sets out to solve the mystery of who was aboard and what happened to them. In the process, he discovers what life and love are about.

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