Devil’s Lane Book Cover

Devil’s Lane – Book Cover

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  • Autodesk 3DS Max
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


About the design

The cover design originated as a graphic interpretation of one of the dramatic scenes from the book.  I used Autodesk 3DS Max to render out some silhouettes of trees, corn plants and a rail fence.  These elements were refined in Adobe Photoshop and image-traced in Adobe Illustrator.  The background sun and sky gradients, along with the rolling hills, trees, corn plants, rail fence and human figure elements were composed in Adobe Illustrator.  The title text and the additional text elements were then placed in Adobe Illustrator to complete the design.

About the book

Anna Friedrich is a young girl growing up in the hills of southwest Missouri, fifteen years after the end of the Civil War. As the community around her is attempting to recover from that conflict, Anna’s family suffers a tragic loss and begins to disintegrate. Anna is placed in servitude by her father and abandoned. She is determined to make the most of it but encounters another life-altering trauma. Cast adrift again, she must reach within herself to overcome the odds she faces. DEVIL’S LANE is rich in its portrayal of life in rural Taney County, Missouri, in the 1880s, with a wide cast of characters involved in human situations: hostility and kindness; tragedy and hope; jealousy and unselfishness.

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