Hangman, A Deadly Game Book Cover

Hangman, A Deadly Game – Book Cover

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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


About the design

The title of the book was done in a style that mimics the child’s game of Hangman. I used a photograph that the author took in the mountains of North Carolina and used it for the bottom half of the front cover. The background color of the cover is based on a color sampled from the photograph.  I placed a vector graphic of a sailboat on the back, which hints at one of the scenes in the story.

About the book

A Novel of Suspense, Romance, and Adventure: Hiking alone in the mountains of North Carolina, Matthew Cross faces a temptation so great that it overpowers his lifelong sense of right and wrong. Rather than turn away as he has in the past, he renews international contacts and explores unfamiliar subjects: deceit of friends, money laundering, and ways to change identity. His odyssey takes him from his home in the Smoky Mountains to Europe, the Bahamas, and to the coastal plains of Florida and Georgia. Too late, he yearns for a return to the safety and security of the life he once had, loving someone who loved him. Control slips away and life-threatening dangers encircle him. A final betrayal springs a trap. Escape and redemption will require qualities he is not aware he possesses, help from an unexpected source, and a complex plan.

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